Meet the people behind BeQest on-line legal services.

Team BeQest

We're a passionate team keen to give an excellent and affordable service to all of you - our members and customers. We pride ourselves on not hiding behind our web-site but instead looking to have a real relationship with you to give you the best possible service and experience. And please, if we get it wrong do tell us so we can fix it.

Adrian Sewell    Founder & CEO

Ade is an experienced and successful IT entrepreneur. His idea for an affordable on-line Will came about when looking to make his own. Ade was appalled to find that some 60% of people died without one! And so BeQest was born. Always a calm head in a storm the good ship BeQest is now sailing on a bowline and available for all of us.

Jason Pascoe  IT Guru 

Jason founded the first ISP Network provider in WA aged just twenty one! He's a well respected seasoned web-developer who has brought vision and the very latest technology to BeQest. His mission is to create a fast, agile but secure web-service to you.

Alex Tees  Legal Counsel 

Alex is a lawyer with deep knowledge and extensive experience in the Estate Planning and Probate management.  As Founder of the Legal Exchange of Australia,  Alex's team of independent lawyers is able to offer you advanced and specialist legal services wherever you live in Australia. 

Leanne Paterson  Customer Services 

Leanne is here to solve your problems and make you happy. You'll find her caring and easy to talk to and if she doesn't know the answer she'll jolly well find out and get back to you! 

BeQest Will-Making for the 21st Century


We encrypt and store your information. Website Security delivers protection and customer service that goes beyond the call.


Your wishes are important - securely storing your Will, Last Wishes, and Financial Information for you and you only. 


We are delighted to have all our documents  backed up by an extensive team of attorneys and legal experts in each legal field.